Tuesday, August 09, 2011

In the Limelight with Endless Summer

These are photos of the shrubs in front of the house. They are sheltered from the West wind by the garage wall, they face north. I hope John B logs in today. He asked me about the hydrangeas. These are much better cultivars than the one you are struggling with, John!
Limelight with Endless Summer

Limelight blossom

This is Endless Summer. She probably should be deadheaded as she blooms on new and old wood, but I can't stand to think of her with all those blooms cut off...

I found a recipe for flatbread tacos. These were wonderful!

After a beautiful August day in the Northern Illinois area, the sky was almost smokey with clouds!

Zinnia, Purple Prince. Mine do not look like RoseM's. Mine are weird looking. 


  1. Well I'm not John but I sure like the looks of your hydrangeas. I don't deadhead mine until winter when they're totally without color. Your flatbread tacos look divine. Love that sky shot. Your zinnias look better than mine did when I grew them. :)

  2. And I'm not John either..... But I think the hydrangeas are lovely too. I am unable to grow them. I've tried several times and they always die...but seeing where you have yours (north side??), I might try once again.

  3. Sissy, your hydrangeas are great! I wish I could get one of my three Endless Summers to look that good. I moved two of mine this year, but so far no blooms on either. Do you water yours a lot?

  4. I love your hydrangeas too and would only want to deadhead them to save/dry the blooms.

    Those flat bread tacos sound great. Tacos are my very favorite comfort food since I was a little girl.

    Have a great day.


  5. They look gorgeous. Sets one another off. No way would I deadhead those blooms until they look bad. :)
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  6. Your Hydrangeas are so pretty. Like you I can't bear to dead head mine until they are well and truly over in winter. The zinnia is an amazing colour:)


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