Friday, July 22, 2011


As I sit here, buckets of cooling rain fall. The entire atmosphere is churning and cranking out this glorious water. After working 8 hours in the scorching sun on the asphalt yesterday, my skin feels parched and broasted today. I was a hot pink mess yesterday, crabby and irritated at those that would leave me stranded to take care of dozens of trees. A corporation that wouldn't even help me buy lowering the price to $5. just to get rid of them. A company that didn't offer support to the last rep on the road, trying to dispose of the landscape waste, disguised as perennials and shrubs and clematis that nobody wanted.
That is almost over, today I sit in my big comfy robe watching the cleansing rain do it's thing. Washing away the grime and sticky and mulberry stains, it is also washing away another summer retail season for the grower that employs me in the summer.
I am relieved this is over. There has been some sort of financial hiccup in the company I work for and the support system is not there. They did not come and pick up the remaining trees and plants, and it caused so many problems for me, this week. I am angry and I am burnt.
I do have lots of free plant material, ready for my deer resistant border. I should not say "free". I should say as a result of many hours of sweat and hard work, I was able to bring home plants nobody else wanted.
See? The rain is softening my memory, already.
edit: @ 10:00, I still sit in my robe, in front of the TV, catching up on blogs and not moving plants! The rain still falls and Gracie tries to catch a fly.


  1. I am so envious of the rain. It as only passd us up every time there has been rain in Ohio.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Our rain passed us too... But you enjoy your much deserved rest!

  3. Oh, the rain was glorious!! My gardens perked right up, and even the grass looks greener already. We got 2 inches!

    Plus, it cooled the pool water down from 94 to 87 degrees, so swimming is once again a refreshing activity.

    So, will you be doing this same job next summer?

  4. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Sometimes you have to be a gardener to appreciate the rain. I love it! You asked me once about having salvia and dead nettle next to each other, but it was veronica, salvia. You know how similar they look! The green envy coneflower you admired is still going strong. I highly recommend it. We'll see if it comes back as strong next year. People never realize how big the Great Lakes are that surround Michigan, so yes, it looks very coastal. St. Joe is charming in the summer, but winter is another story. Too cold!

  5. @Renee I do not want to pick this assignment up again, next year. I do not enjoy this job, at all, any more.
    Too physically demanding and I am not getting any younger!

  6. How wonderful to have rain! I'm still waiting...

    You deserve some time to sit and veg out--those plants will be fine with all the rain anyway. I've been wondering what is going to happen to all the leftover plants in garden centers; some of them here have so many annuals leftover that I know they'll never sell them all, even at 50 or 75% off. I've taken a few off their hands:)


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