Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What's my Line??

Several have emailed me, asking about what I do specifically. It's a question I have been asking myself, as well, recently.
My job is not an easy job, physically. I am unloading trucks, pushing carts thru hot asphalt parking lots, lifting patio pots, and moving thousands of flats a day.
I love that part!
It's the people part that has got me down.
It is my job to go into the garden centers that feature our plants and follow up with the employees there, being sure they are in the right place, tossing old plants, helping with merchandising, those kinds of things. Most of my stores have been great to work with. I have met some awesome people and I look forward to seeing them every week.
It's the one store that gave me a negative review that is sticking with me. A tiny store that doesn't want a garden center. I haven't seen the woman who gave me a bad review there for 2 years. I cannot figure out what went wrong.
This is their idea of merchandising:
It has forced me to question whether or not I want to continue doing this job.
I am off to that store, this morning. It's the only one I drive up to and feel uncomfortable, unwelcome.

We spent the weekend at the Asics challenge volleyball tournament at Navy Pier.
Clipped boxwood, allysum, Hamlin grass
White Cleome, pink lantana, purple wandering jew

Navy Pier
It was beautiful there, but I am glad to be home. I was so dissappointed, looking at the garden when I got home. I am not happy with it. At all!! It looks like an overgrown jungle of leaves, very few blooms at all. You wouldn't think you'd be having trouble with no blooms in the mid of June!!?? 
Don't you hate it when nothing seems right!!??



  1. Sissy, you should just forget about this place that gave you a bad review--obviously, they don't care much about gardening anyway. I used to check out Walmart and a few other cheaper places for annuals in the spring, but no more. They always get the same plants year after year (lots of wax begonias, which I don't like!) and after about a week or two, it's obvious they've neglected their plants. I've found I'd rather pay a little more and visit garden centers where the staff knows what they're talking about and are helpful.

    Don't give up on your garden just yet! Mine went through a lull just a couple of weeks ago, too, but it's starting to come alive now for summer.

  2. Don't let that teeny tiny little place get you down.... I know it's hard, but you're like me, letting that one little thing eat at you~ even though everyone else loves and appreciates you!~ and we do!
    Forget them- they don't count! Listen to the ones that do!
    You do your job above and beyond want anyone else would... and you put a lot of pride into it and it shows! :)

    Oh, and ya better get that garden in shape~ I want the 5 cent tour! ;)

  3. When someone at one of the stores you support gives you a bad review, are you able to give them a bad review too? Do you take pictures to document how they're handling the plants? It just seems rather unfair if they can review you, but you can't review them. I'd think the greenhouse you work for would want to know if the stores they ship to are trashing the plants.

    My garden is low on blooms right now too --lots of green, and quite a few buds, but not much actually in bloom.

  4. Oh, Sissy, I am so sorry to hear of the bad review. I know it's easy for me to say to shrug it off. But really you must; as long as you know you did not deserve it, and the other stores give you good reviews, I feel certain that your superiors will be on your side.

    I completely understand how down you feel due to the bloomless garden. Mine goes through a couple of weeks of looking great, then everything dies and it looks very bad until the next flush of blooms. Right now everything is dying so I will be feeling the same as you by the weekend. I just hope it does not last long!

  5. Anonymous10:56 PM

    yes, I hate when nothing seems right - your smily face picture is perfect - maybe I can 'borrow' that one off you to use as well .... I hate, too, that one bad seed can effect us so badly.... its unfair - instead, try to remember just how many other people really do appreciate your help and expertise...

    Love those cleome - every year I planted them , love their bizarre design - jack in the box neck, and then dainty boingy things jetting off that....

    hate this season - I am planting nothing , and maintaining nothing - why would I? It's not mine anymore... but it stinks - I love color, and plants and beds, and pots... limbo is just no fun!

    Chin Up!


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