Sunday, June 26, 2011

My own Garden

Plants in my garden have me frustrated, lately. Everything looks so common.

I am not sure what to do about it, I am already overwhelmed and have such little time.
Turtle with threadleaf coreopsis and zinnia seedlings.
My mood would really improve if this is a larkspur seedling. I have planted them every year in the winter, this would be the first time they've shown up!
Looking at this, I realize, I need lots more basil. I like to make pesto and freeze it for winter pasta dishes.

Remember the Triscuit package with the basil seeds in it? Well, I didn't get any basil from it. I followed the instructions and soaked the card and planted it in light garden soil. Oh, well. Last year's basil is volunteering for me. 
Lots of potatoes. It's hard to keep these plants covered. I see some of them are starting to flower.
Osteospermum, "Deep Purple" with Pansy, "Beaconsfield". 
I love this little guy with his snapdragon brothers. 
Here are the cute 'TomatoBerry' tomatoes! How long do you think before he's on my plate??
a week, maybe 2?
ooooo boy. this plant looks rough, I know. Left in the pot while we left for vacation, high winds, lotsa heat, and this plant suffered. Never mind, though. There's new growth and we will get thru it.
Sunscald on my tiny peppers!

I planted a new perennial. Armeria 'Rubra'. Still, just a drop in the bucket that is the project of my yard. 
I think tomorrow, I will wander around to the front yard. Much more of a completed design. 


  1. Sounds like a case of gardener's discontent. I get it quite often, especially when I've recently been to a "better" garden. I think it's a common malady. I hope it lets up soon. :) Looks like a little Larkspur to me.

  2. Hi Sissy,
    I love the color combination of the Osteospermum and the pansy.

    It seems that a lot of gardeners have the blues right now. I get the same feeling at least a dozen times a year. There are areas of my gardens that I just can't get to look like I want them. In my case it's lack of sun.

    I am looking forward to seeing the front yard.

  3. Is that a swallowtail caterpillar? Such cool critters.

    I have often wandered my garden feeling the same way --especially when things I've planted haven't thrived and filled in the way I'd pictured. And as we move into the heat of summer, it's hard to do anything about that. We're left having to make plans for fall and spring.

  4. You have a lovely garden. Just keep up what you are doing, and when the time is right, you'll be able to see the full potential of your garden.


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