Sunday, May 29, 2011

Foggy Sunday Morning

Blogger has not been kind to me! I couldn't post or leave a comment for quite a while, but I am back and awoke to a very foggy Sunday morning...

I cannot remember the variety of this viburnum! It is so lovely, I had to post it. I have it limbed up because it's right smack in the middle of the mixed bed. You can barely see them, in the bottom right...but I scored some Sonata Cosmos at a local Independent Garden Center. I used to have no problems growing them from seed, but lately, neither the larkspur nor the cosmos come up.
The evergreen with the yellow tint on the left is Golden Globe Arborvitae. To the right of him, in front of the viburnum is the most pitiful Sumbucus 'Diablo'. This guy has been in there for 4 years! Time to make a change, I think... see the deer damage on the Norway Spruce in the background? I am hoping it will fill itself in.

This Memorial Day is different for me. I have a girlfriend whose son was killed in Iraq.
Thank you from one grateful American family....

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  1. Looks nice!
    That Viburnum could be any variety! A lot of them are so similar!
    We were spared the fog this morning but got 2+ inches of heavy rain instead. Still haven't got into my garden. All I've been able to plant are the pots. Finally got my bachelors button Friday. I'm growing it in a pot too for now, that and an obedient plant.
    My third son is a marine. He's in NC right now. Scares the hell out of me to know that he could be called to go... But at the same time I'm very proud of him! he's continuing a long line of military service in my family!


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