Friday, April 01, 2011

This Is Our Year...

We are not just passing Cub fans in our house. I worked a 12 hour day yesterday to make it a half day, today. So I could go home and watch the game with my husband.
I picked up lunch.
What else do you have on Opening Day??!

Chicago style, of course.
Not perfect weather for an opener, we actually had snow at work. I took this picture with my phone, but you cannot really see the huge snowflakes that fell.
                                 I think snow is disgusting and I never want to see it, again.
I hope it did not snow on you, today. Unless, that is what you wanted, for some reason.


  1. Yeah, we got snow down here too --my husband got some video of the huge snowflakes. They say tomorrow is supposed to be better again.

  2. I'm an occasional baseball fan and I see that the Milwaukee Brewers are the same old Brewers. Lost again. I still like to listen to baseball on the radio. It takes me back to summers as a kid.

    The first three photos in this post are missing. Little red x's where the photos should be. Probably a problem on my end.

    Happy weekend to you.



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