Monday, April 11, 2011

These flats are almost ready for shipping. They are in a size called 1204. There are 48 plants in our flats.Many times I hear customers say that Wally has much cheaper flats. I would like them to know that Wally sells a flat called 306. There are 3 of the 306 sized containers in their flats. Their flats=36 plants. So, there.
Just another perspective of how many baskets we ship.
Potted and mature tomato plants. These get a small wire cage and are perfect for patio pots. In some stores, they cannot give these away. In most of mine, I sell out. My stores are closer to Chicago and the Quad Cities, so I get a different customer base.
2 stores today, one in the suburbs, so it takes me hours to get there because of the traffic. I always marvel that 40 miles outside Chicago, this Farm supply store is so busy!!!

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