Friday, April 08, 2011

Back from Greenhouse...

Every year, the field reps for the Greenhouse head up north to get training, credit cards, and company cars. There seem to be more new hires every year.
It's a difficult job, sometimes. Unloading trucks, working in the snow, the rain, the heat. Or, like today, the cold!
One of the highlights of the trip is the tour of the greenhouse. My employer has over 13 acres of covered greenhouse at this location. They have 4 other locations, but I think this one is the largest.
Here's Tim, the Production Manager, Assistant Grower.
He's discussing the different sized pots on the cart to his right. We grow petunias in about 7 different sizes, so it's important the new kids understand how pots are identified.
Here is the seeding machine. This thing is incredible.
I have many many more photos, but zero more energy. I have already begun visiting my stores and was up on benching hanging signs, all day. In the rain. I have really really bad hair right now.
I am glad to be home. I am grateful to my husband. He watched and cared for my little Gracie. He took care of our daughter and kept things nailed down around here!


  1. Anonymous9:05 PM

    NO WONDER you have such a green thumb, you get to be around it at work and see cool things! would like to see more of how that seeding machines works...

    hate rain head, by the way!

  2. Sissy, you're working with this company? I can see I'll have to go back and catch up a bit. Sounds like a fascinating job.
    It's very interesting to learn how the plugs are grown. That's the stage they're at when I see them in our local nursery...ready to be transplanted into 6 packs.
    I haven't started helping out over there yet. Hoping to soon.
    Thanks for sharing the pics and the educational info.
    How nice to have such a helpful hubby :)


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