Friday, April 13, 2007

"Nearly all of South Carolina's peach crop, Kentucky's peaches, apples, and pecans have been destroyed by the late freeze. Georgia's peach crop has been destroyed, for the most part."

All Things Considered, April 12, 2007

A farmer talked about his entire 25 acre peach crop being blackened and dead from the frost on this program, yesterday. He was going to get a job at Home Depot, to support his family, to supplement the income loss. It seems heartless to complain about the snow and the cold, when this poor man's livelihood is gone, this year because of it.

A benefit from having such a late dip in temperatures after the warm up in March is the effect it has on insects...I read reports of the last frost and snow killing fire ants in Tennesee and mosquitoes, here in the Northern states. They had already been out laying eggs in puddles in March. This last blast surely made sitting outside in August a little bit nicer.

Some more good news-the bluebirds were out good and early, this morning!! They made it thru and the temps will steadily rise over the next week. I cannot stand those mealworms, I have to pour them in a cup to take out to the birds. Not Jeff! He just pours some in his hand, drops them in the feeder and goes off to work. UGH!!!
Speaking of the birds, I better go check on them. It's going down to 32° tonite...

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  1. My heart always goes out to the farmers because their livelihood depends so much on the weather. So much work is put into growing things and then this happens. I also dislike it when the stores hike up the's certainly not the farmer who gets the money!! xox

  2. Our state bird is the blue bird but we rarey see them here. The weather this spring is unbelievable. I can't wait for summer!

  3. Hey Sissy,

    Another Chicago gardener, and farmer's daughter from Alabama. We are always at the mercy of the weather and are just lucky when its good. I feel for the loss that the farmers have to bear because I've been through many experiences such as theirs.


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