Sunday, April 15, 2007

I have not participated in this, yet, because I never had a bloom on the 15th. Today was my lucky day! Garden blooms! Thanks to Carol for hosting this event!

I have no idea what this is.

White crocus


Mowed the lawn for the first time, today. I am still waiting for the contractor with the black dirt to come, and then the contractor with the black dirt spreader....I waited all year, last year, and now I am waiting for other people, again...I just want to garden in my yard. It just won't happen until it's too late again, I am afraid.

I also removed the grass around 2 of the 5 spruce trees. You just can't get that tractor under the branches without breaking them. If you lean down to pick up the branches, you can't hold the lawn mower. I will remove the grass around the drip line and plant some of the small lilies around them, or maybe daylily...

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  1. I think the first one you have there is a Siberian Squill (Scilla). Beautiful color, isn't it?

  2. Thank you, Christa!!

  3. I was thrilled to have buds! We haven't swapped out the snowblower for the lawnmower yet, maybe another two weeks. The little blue flower is pretty!

  4. No doubt, Christa is correct -scilla. I'm trying to get it to colonize in my lawn so that I'll have a beautiful "blue grass " one next Spring.

    Long-range for Chicago : 72 degrees next Saturday !

  5. If I'm a very good gnome between now and this coming weekend, we may have temps in the upper 50's! The lawnmower still has a few weeks to sleep. I think I may have spotted a few crocus leaves emerging a few days ago, but today the wind and rain make it impossible to get out for a look see.

  6. Sissy, there were places in the older suburbs like Oak Park and Elmhurst where a few bulbs of Scilla siberica multiplied over time to make a breathtaking carpet of blue... you're on your way!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  7. Yay! You have blooms. :) I don't think that I've ever seen pachysandra bloom before... interesting!

  8. My little crocuses are still scared of opening! lol Actually, though, it's supposed to get warmer by the end of the week:-) We won't be mowing the lawn for at least a month or so yet. I think it's a good idea to remove the grass under some of the trees and plant flowers instead...I'm going to do that to a couple of our spruce trees, the grass is all dead under them anyway! xoxo


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