Saturday, March 31, 2007

Now, I have been to Iowa. Boy, do people in Iowa love Iowa...!
Our 16 year-old Junior in high school is visiting colleges and he and I visited the University of Iowa for Black & Gold Day, Friday. We went early and spent the night in Coralville, the next little town over. We stayed at a hotel and got up good and early for the event in Iowa City.
I have to say, I liked the university. Small and friendly, the engineering department is accessible and the honors department really holds the students up and treats them in a special way. We ran around all day, looking at all the residence halls and eating with students-I wish I was going to college!
Next week, Nick will visit Purdue, with his dad. Nick loved the University of Iowa, but dad says he loved the Uof Illinois. He has excellent grades, so admittance shouldn't be the problem. As always, it comes down to the money....

After every sentence ends in Iowa, you must say, "Go Hawkeyes!" even though basketball and football season are over....

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  1. Purdue is a great school with a great engineering school! Nick will probably love Purdue, tool

  2. Sounds like he'll be staying fairly close to home. :-)

    Start looking for money now. Don't be timid about asking the school what kind of packages they can put together for you. Search for grants. I wish we'd been more aggressive when Bean decided on Wells!

    Tag, you're it!


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