Saturday, March 24, 2007

64°, foggy and cloudy!!

I guess cloudy goes without saying!!

Here I am in Boston!
We got there Monday afternoon and it was cloudy and cool. Jeff didn't have training until Tuesday, so we were free to walk around.
We learned right away that it is not a good idea to drive in Boston. Parking was $40-if you could find it. Most folks take the commuter rail and the subway. More about that, later.

I had heard so much about Boston's North End being a European like city. I wanted to see it, first!
We walked from the parking garage at the Langdom Hotel to the North End. We got there as the neighborhood school was letting out. The streets are narrow and packed with folks.
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This was an empty street...!
We walked and walked until Jeff said he wouldn't walk any more until we got something to eat.
How do you choose? There must be 100 restaurants in that little part of town!
We chose Villa de Francesca, right off the main drag. (having been in restaurants for 20 years, I know if you are off the beaten path, you must try harder or die!!)
It was a good choice. Since it was 3:30, we decided to have a lite lunch and eat dinner downtown. We were chilled and hungry, so I ordered a bowl of soup, right away. Imagine my surprise when she brought the minestrone and it looked like this!!
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It tasted as good as it looked. It just made us hungrier, so we ordered the Rocket Salad and the Muscles in white wine....
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The food in this restaurant is so good, I thought I would stay there the whole week! We did finally get up and start walking around again.
I found a garden in the North End.
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If you click, you might be able to tell that this gardener wrapped her garden in plastic, to protect it from wind and cold, I guess!!!!

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time in Boston! Isn't it amazing how much walking we can do when we're visiting? lol I love it when you can find a restaurant that serves such delicious food...yummm! It's always so nice to get away once in a while:-) xox

  2. Thanks for the little tour, Sissy. It's a good thing you took that warm and pretty coat with you. I like all the brickwork, balconies and curved walls in your photos.

    As to your restaurant - the soup looks great, but I'll let you have all the mussels.

    Those potholes sure have an end of winter look to them, too.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. I'm glad your trip got off to a good start. How many days did $40 get you? If that was per day it call it robbery! Discovering an out of the way restaurant is always fun! Looks like you picked a good one.


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