Thursday, February 01, 2007

Warmer, today
20° and sunny, finally!

The friends from Memphis come tomorrow! I cannot wait!

It just dawned on me that my husband made me throw away my tomato cages, when we moved. He said they were too rusty. I have to make more! I am facinated by other people's veggie gardens.

Tracy's Garden is a potager type garden, along with Carol's...
I will be copying their ideas when the spring comes and my darling husband who makes all my dreams come true makes me those square raised beds. (2x6 cedar boards, dear...)

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  1. I can't even start thinking about my veggie garden until at least the end of May or early June...we have such a short growing season here in Northern Ontario! Hugs xox

  2. If you have them ready by March you can plant peas this spring, Sissy - there's something good to think about in winter. We used to plant ours on St Patrick's Day, March 17th. My husband is a good sport about my garden wishes, too -guess we are lucky!

    Have a wonderful time with your visitors - Memphis is pretty cold right now, too - maybe you can turn up the heat and pretend it's spring~

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. Thanks for the link! If you need any tips on those raised beds, send me an email and I am happy to help. Annie is right, if you get going, you can plant peas in March. And the best thing is that once set up, the raised beds take almost no effort to get ready to plant each spring.

    And finally, have a great Sunday... Go... C O L T S !!!

  4. It's hard for me to think about the garden with all the snow piling up.

    Looks like it's colder at your place than mine today! Brrr. Stay warm. I'll be thinking about you on Sunday, no party here.

  5. Glad you are 'thinking spring'. It won't be long.;o)I know you will enjoy seeing your Mphs friends...our Super Bowl Party will be with friends from church.
    I am not telling who I am rooting for. ;o)
    Hugs xoxoxoxox

  6. Sissy: Thanks for the link! Those raised beds look perfect. I love using them because, as Carol said, they take hardly any time at all in the spring to get ready for planting.

  7. Yes, we're lucky to have husbands who will help make our garden dreams come true :)
    So glad the weather has warmed up for you. We had a frigid wind and very cold temps today so being outside was miserable.
    Your friends and Superbowl Sunday should help to raise your spirits :)
    I hope your team wins!!

  8. I have always wanted to do raised beds. Do you do anything to the ground before you put the topsoil in? Right now we live right outside of St. Louis (Illinois side) but hopefully will move to Florida soon. In Florida, it seems raised beds is the only way to go...too much sand. In Illinois, not a necessity, but something I would like to do. So, any info on raised gardening you have tried would be appreciated.


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