Saturday, February 10, 2007

So, I am trying to convince Jeff of a couple things. That's nothing new. I am always trying to convince him to do things my way, but sometimes, if I am persuasive enough, he goes along. I am working on the plans for the potager garden. The only level part of our yard is over the septic drain field. I am not eating self-fertilized food, thank you.
So, I have convinced him that as we fill in the beds, we could fill in the gaps around the bottom that are formed when we put in level beds.
Don't get me wrong, it's fairly level, there are no hills or such, but I want it to look just right, and I am not sure how else to do it.
I have thought about nailing and mitreing corners, but I found this:
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This is actually a framing plate for subflooring and ceiling joists. Heck, one guy said he ran over his raised bed in his truck and these kept it together. I don't plan on driving thru my potager garden, but I don't want it falling apart next year, either!!
I want the 4x4 raised beds placed in a geometric diamond like pattern, with their points all pointing toward each other. With mulched paths wide enough for my wheel barrow. Sounds easy, right?
The trouble is, we have moved so much that he has created many gardens for me. I think he's tired of it. But he loves a fresh bruschetta in the summer!!

I will be planting some things inside today. Cass is really sick and her fever goes way up. I took her yesterday for a strep test which was negative, but she is really sure she has strep. She tells me it feels like strep!
stay warm!


  1. I hope Cass feels better soon. It's always worse to be sick on the weekend, especially at her age.

    Filling in at the bottom sounds easy enough. I don't even want to think about how much soil you'll need to fill that much space! Once bought you'll have it forever though.

  2. Trying to convince a man to do something is sometimes like pulling teeth! lol Hopefully Cass will feel better real son! Hugs xox


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