Tuesday, February 20, 2007

36°, sunny and warm!!

I have been so itching to get out in the garden...some of my winter sowing pots are drying up-I am not sure what to do for them....I think I will put some snow on top of them.

I have found a new plant I really got to have.
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Iris pallida 'Variegata'

Wouldn't that look awesome with:
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Heuchera Palace Purple

I ordered several of the huechera from Bluestone, but I can hardly find the Iris. Several posts on the Garden Web indicate that those posters got them from Lowes, of all things!!


  1. I think those two plants would look great together!! You're making me want Spring NOW!!! lol It was a gorgeous day here too today and I really enjoyed being out. xox

  2. Yes, those two plants would look lovely next to each other. Spring is just around the corner - love your latest background of crocus in the snow:)

  3. The Iris does look nice Sissy, I hope you manage to get one okay.


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