Thursday, February 08, 2007

-14° on the Suburban's thermometer
Brilliant sunshine

I am really bothered by the fact that everyone else seems to love the book for February. I just can't get into it... I have a short attention span and I am frustrated that I cannot stay interested in this book-all the other Garden Bloggers are raving about it! I am a simple-minded garden book reader. There are no pictures in this garden book, so I am lost!!
It really has very little to do with gardening and more about the wholesale tulip man and sick mothers who require three full-time nurses. Every once in a while, it seems like they talk about what's blooming and what they've ordered, but I haven't gotten that far in, so I should try to muck it thru. Most bothersome is the style of the letters. They are in that overly-polite language of the turn of the century, even though the letters are written in the 50's. So far, I have learned absolutely nothing. Last night was the first time a name was mentioned that I thought might be interesting-Gertrude Jekyll.
We'll see where that leads!



  1. It's warmer here, almost 20F. I hope we all warm up soon. We've had about a 1/2 hour of sunshine today which feels sooo good.

    I'm reading the book at work, so I only have time for one or two letters at a time. It's similar to reading a personal diary, I'm able to skim over some of the more mundane exchanges and focus on what catches my interest. I've only gotten as far as where they agree to use 1st names, so we'll see how it goes.

  2. I know how you feel, sometimes a book just doesn't hit me, the way it does others.

    I did like this one and am now reading the biography of Elizabeth Lawrence. Remember that if you want to just read a book by either author and write about that, that's fine, too. Or write about your own exchanges of information with another gardener. Or, tell us why this one just didn't strike you.

    What I learned from this book more than anything is how gardeners can connect through their common interest, even if they never meet! For some reason, I am fascinated by books of letters between two people, so this was right up my alley. You might also check out for more info on one of the letter writers.


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