Monday, January 08, 2007

Davenport IA Lutheran School Basketball Tournament
3rd Place


  1. Great group picture and congrats!
    Amazing how plants come to life again isn`t it?
    I like that little woman and hair pic LOL
    I`m going to take the dive this weekend and see if I can become red head! Hope it`s not a boo boo :(
    You were right.. it is hyacinth bulbs I think. I know planted them somewhere LOL Look forward to seeing your pottager garden.


  2. Congrats to Cass and the rest of the team!

    I'm glad your house plant came back. I'm always forgetting to water mine until they get droopy.

  3. Cass, you go girl! ;o)

  4. Woohoo, congratulations to the team on their 3rd place win!! Great going! I never got to play basketball in school but I did make the volleyball team:-) Hugs xox


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