Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Carol, from May Dreams Garden is a great questioner. She's one of those bloggers that get you thinking. She posted these questions at gardeners.

What kind of a seed buyer are you? Fanatic. I have dozens of seed catalogs and I read them every night. I learned to recognize annuals by reading Parks Seeds Catalog, years ago!!

Do you carefully read all of the seed catalogs sent to you and then browse the Internet to compare and contrast all the options, then decide which seeds to buy? Oh, yes. I spend hours of my time online, researching the prices and genus and variety. I rarely buy anything until I have to have it!

Do you buy seeds from 'bricks and mortar' stores and get whatever appeals to you as you are browsing? Yes. I have too many seeds all the time. Those beautiful racks and rows of Burpee and Ferry Morse and the tiny little hand packed glassine envelopes at the private garden centers are so addicting...

Do you buy vegetable seeds in bulk where they scoop them out of seed bins, weigh them and put them in hand-marked envelopes? No. I have purchased grass seed like that, but they always have strange and pretty beans and peas. Little specked beans and pea seeds are beautiful, but for the hard core farmer, I think...?

Do you buy seeds for just vegetables, or just annual flowers? Do you buy seeds for perennial flowers? I buy annual seeds, mostly, but this year, I purchased foxgloves, chrysanthemums, salvia, sage, chives, liatrus, rue (the new variegated one), and some other perennials. I am winter sowing, hoping I don't kill anything...

Do you know what stratification and scarification are? Have you done either or both with seeds?
stratification is a cold treatment, scarification is nicking the outer coating, like for moonflower and morning glory. some seeds have to have one or both of these to germinate. I don't normally scarificate, I put the tough seed between the layers of a damp paper towel and put that in a ziploc on top of the fridge. In two days, the seeds have sprouted and I put them in the ground. I never could get the nail clipper to do the job!

Do you order seeds from more than one seed company to save on shipping or buy from whoever has the seeds you want, even if it means paying nearly the same for shipping as you do for the actual seeds? I buy from whoever has the seeds. Already this year, I have placed three different orders with Dianes Seeds...

Do you buy more seeds than you could ever sow in one season? Always

Do you only buy seeds to direct sow into the garden or do you end up with flats of seedlings in any window of the house with decent light? Right now, I have herbs coming up in the South facing living room. I want to try the tomatoes, but I don't know.

Do you save your own seeds from year to year and exchange them with other seed savers?
Yes! I traded lots of seeds already!
Do you even buy seeds? Yep.

Do you have a fear of seeds? Some gardeners don't try seeds, why not? Oh, yes! I am afraid of killing it.

Do you understand seeds? I don't know....I guess I understand their needs, but I am not confident enough!

Do you list all your seeds on a spreadsheet, so you can sort the list by when you should sow them so you have a master seed plan of sorts? No way...I got a basket and store them all mixed up. I know what I have!!

Do you keep all the old seeds and seed packets from year to year, scattered about in various drawers, boxes, and baskets? Just one. I tote it around with the seed catalogs on top and gift certificates in them.

Do you determine germination percentage for old seed?My own seeds? No way. I do look at the germination rates listed, and note that Parks is notorious for not dating their seed packs. Their germination rate is kinda low, if you ask me!!

Thanks, Carol! for getting us thinking!

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  1. Thanks for the seedy post. I'm going to update my list of who answered to include you.

    Go Colts!


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