Monday, December 11, 2006

Wild Thymes, going on here!!

you would think I could find one basil plant, right? Just one?
Nope. Not in the frozen tundra...

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.this basket is available from, click on the basket to take you to the seller's page. It's about $65, after shipping. More money than I care to spend on some herbs... and this one has no basil plant. ugh.
There is a shop about 20 miles from me, it's in another little country town that takes 30 minutes to get to, the shop is called Wild Thyme Herbs. cute, huh?? It's in Genoa, but if it doesn't snow anymore, I would drive there and shop...maybe I will call, first.

Bears vs Rams, tonite. We invited a bunch of folks over and it's 930 am and I am in my pj's, the dogs haven't been fed and I have to vaccum the whole house and make chili and put away the laundry that's lying all over the front room and dust the furniture and shop for chili ingredients and buy beer.

I have been invited to a cookie swap, Wed. They are giving out prizes for best looking cookie. I have seen some very pretty cookies, but I am an expert at gingerbread men. The trouble is, I have to bring 6 dozen. 72 little gingerbread dudes? ugh
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Pinwheel cookies?

Caramel thumbprint?

Chocolate Cherry Thumbprint?

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Chocolate Crinkles?

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Mini Cheesecakes? Do they even count? I sure appreciate your thoughts on this one. I will do the shopping and baking tomorrow, so hurry and let me know. Please feel free to add a recipe, if you have a knock out cookie!!


  1. I guess herbs would be kind of hard to find at this time of year!! Good luck in finding some basil!! It's almost noon now, so I'm sure you've done a lot of headway in everything you needed to do today....or are you still in your pj's??? hehe Those caramel thumbprints sure look pretty...I had done a post about my Christmas cookies and the can always look there to see if there's anything that interests you and is easy to make. Wish I could go help you:-) Thank you so much for your lovely comments about winning the Blog of the Day's wonderful friends like you that make me enjoy blogging so very much!! xoxo

  2. Well, you know how much women like choc, I think the caramel thumbprints would set off the brain alarm! LoL

  3. Anonymous12:19 PM

    The prettiest I think is the pinwheel but the tastiest looking are the carmel thumbprints.

  4. Anonymous7:10 AM

    they all look yummy! Whenever I've made cooki platters with choices upon choices, rum balls have been the winner as favorite every time. Hmmm - maybe the alcohol has something to do with it. lol.

  5. Penny8:11 PM

    i have got to find out how to make those pinwheel cookies....pleeeeeeeeez help me! my boyfriend is originally from your area and has always told me about the pinwheel cookies he had only at Christmas time and for the last few years i have been in search of the recipe. All i had to go by was a handdrawn picture of what he said they "should" look like.


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