Monday, November 27, 2006

Turkey Time

This was our turkey, posing with Uncle Roger. Grama bought it at Honeybaked Ham. It cost her well over $50.00 and I thought it was dry and salty. I can go with dry, but salty will get me every time!!

We told Grama we wanted to go with every day wear. Normally, we bring out the good stuff on Thanksgiving and really have a nice table with crystal and silver and china. Why did we do the paper napkins and everyday wear?


It turned out to be a good thing, the plates went right into the dishwasher and the flatwear did, too! I was glad.

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So, that was the turkey and the dinner on Thanksgiving....but it brings me to something that is bothering me to no end. It is something that has happened year after year....
My sister-in-law is a slacker. Her kids run the house, tearing stuff up while she sits and drinks her wine. Grama finally has to yell at one of the boys and then SIL will get up or ask the boys to stop. After dinner, (a dinner she did NOT help cook), she gets up and goes to sit on the couch.
I cannot tolerate this, year after year!! I have spoken to her husband, my husband, Grama, and everyone else who would listen!! So, I found the perfect present for her:

You know what she would do? She would put it on and proudly parade it around, laughing like she was so cute...
Oh, this is getting ugly.

Garden Wandering Sandra, Thank you for the card!!! You are very thoughtful. You make me wish I were still in the mid-south!!


  1. There's a slacker in every family. I was one for a long time, because I was 18 when I got married, and did not know how to cook (and I hated washing dishes, 'cause that's was my JOB). lol. Anyway, with maturity, and a dishwasher, I did better. And slackers are not my fav ppl. It's gonna get worse, as many of today's moms do not have the nerve to teach their children... but I keep telling my DH most women d/n cook anymore..hint,, I love to cook!
    Love Ya!

  2. Anonymous11:43 AM

    My dau-in-laws are like that. Show up and figure John & I will watch everybody, which we do. But when it comes to the kitchen I just go find them and say come on and give me a hand - then they really have no choice but to help! The boys were good, both the babies were napping, Angie (BJ's wife)actually was much better this year - she set the table and toted everything to the table; PJ & Jae weren't there. My daughter cooked so her MIL & I happily did the washing up.

    My Mom, bless her, didn't say anything about my swearing, I think the stench hit her the same time as it did me.

  3. I am glad to know I am not alone!

  4. LOL perfect shirt!! I have a friend's wife who is like that...she loves to be catered to and act the queen but does nothing to help with anything! Grrrr...I was brought up to help and I could never just go sit while others did all the dishes, etc.

  5. I've got a SIL who is the exact same. She lives in another town so when she comes to family gatherings she thinks she is "on vacation" so does not feel she should lift a finger.

    Love the shirt.


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