Thursday, November 09, 2006

**this is the post I tried to do yesterday! I tried for six hours, but Blogger was being snippy and told an engineer about my problem, I guess!**

This is how we like our meatloaf. No ketchup, no brown sugar, no barbeque sauce-EVER! Just a little fresh thyme and my secret ingredient..!

The stuff for good breadsticks!

Nobody ever eats bananas at my house, once they get a black mark on them. I have never been much of a baker, so I would throw them in the compost....See these guys?

I was inspired by some bloggers to make banana bread. I found a really good recipe that I thought I sounded good. It called for a package of vanilla pudding, of all things, but no cinnamon. You want to know something? I have never had banana bread. I don't think I like it. I am not an adventurous eater. I stick to what I know I like and am not anxious to try new foods...but I knew the family would like it. So, I get the batter made up and I get ready to pour it into the loaf pan when I realised, I don't have a loaf pan!!!

So, I improvised!

Well, it turned out great! Please know this picture doesn't show the asparagus stir fry or the applesauce we had for dinner. I don't want you to think we eat only brown foods! The meatloaf and the banana bread were the most popular.
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The trouble with a blog is that, at least for me, my family reads it! I mentioned an interest in baking the banana bread in my post a few days ago, and my husband was anxious to come home and have banana bread! He didn't say anything, but was disappointed to find it "make your own sub sandwich night". I didn't cook or eat, my sore throat had taken over my whole head and I took some tea and watched PBS with Cass. So, last night he comes home and the Banana Bundt Bread is in the oven and he says, "YES!!" He said he had read about it, and was hoping it would be true!! Well, it's gone now and I have to make something else! That was so easy! As I was putting it together, it seemed to me that it would have cinnamon in it. This particular recipe didn't call for cinnamon, but I put it in there, anyways. Just like me. I don't know much about baking, but I felt free to alter the recipe! (another request came for walnuts, but several younger people voted that request down!)
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With my landscape so bare, it's hard for me to take pictures of what's going on in the gardens. Because nothing is going on...! Yesterday morning, even if something was going on, you wouldn't know it!

I have received one packet of the SASE seeds I sent for. I wonder if the others didn't make it!? Would it be pushy to email them and ask if they got it?
Well, I am on to my next baking adventure. The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. This is a spice cake from the Clean Home Journal. I think I have a small bundt pan. Mine is not big enough to hold all this, I don't think. That's ok, I'll improvise!


  1. The banana bread look yummy!
    Most people who trade seeds want to know if the seeds that they sent,did or did not arrive; and they expect an email when they are received. ;o)

  2. Ha ha - I'm an old meanie, I won't give the blog address to my family - well not yet anyway. I know what you mean about blogger, it can be a real pain sometimes. I like the look of all that food.

  3. Those cube steaks in the mushroom sauce sure sound (and look) good!

    Glad to hear the banana bread turned out good.

    When I get bananas that brown before we eat them, I just toss them in the freezer--right in their peel. The skin will turn completely black, but they will be fine for baking whenever you need them.

  4. I do like Zoey does with my bananas...when you're ready to use them for baking, just take them out of the freezer, take the peel off and put the banana in the recipe! Your attempt at banana bread turned out superb and what a great idea to use a bundt cake pan! I love to bake but don't as much anymore since the boys moved out. Hope your spice cake turned out:-)


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