Monday, November 13, 2006

Dinner and a movie...

well, not really. We don't watch movies. But we do watch lots of sports and they look even better on this! It's his Christmas present, a little early, I guess!

Dinner=Spinach Pie and Jello Berry Salad
This recipe is awesome!!

On Tuesday, it will be Lasagna with Meat Sauce.
I had a few extra minutes tonite, waiting for practice to finish and I wandered into the Wal-Mart. I was looking for the Amaryllis that Carol from May Dreams Gardens
was talking about. I really was interested, but they didn't have anything like that. I did see boxes of Anenome corms, but I don't think they are the same ones that flower in the fall, like Kerri photographed at Cornell Gardens...
I was watching Alan Armitage and he talked about it being a great fall flower, but the one in Wally world bloomed in the spring.
You know, I never made that spice cake, either. Maybe tomorrow..


  1. OK! where is the Spinach Pie recipe?? lol

  2. Oh the spinach pie looks delicious and so does the berry salad. Yum! I'd enjoy the lasagna too :)
    Yes, the Japanese anemones are different from the bulbs that you looked at. Alice at 'A Growing Delight' planted some of those. One of these days she'll post a photo, I'm sure. They should be blooming now because it's spring over there in Australia where she is. I'll ask her. My mum used to grow them and I always loved them. I haven't been successful with them over here. I think they'd do fine in your neck of the woods though.
    Thanks for the link :) I still don't have any of the J. Anemones planted. I really want to do that! We have rain, rain and more rain here! It's downright depressing! Perhaps Walmart will have Amaryllis bulbs a little later but it surely should be soon!

  3. Oh boy, I'm coming over to your house for dinner!! That spinach pie and Jello berry salad look soooooooooo good!! I bought an Amaryllis in WalMart but that was during the summer...I've brought it in from the cold now and it's starting to sprout out again.


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