Thursday, October 12, 2006


On the way to school, it was sleeting and snowing. I have been watching a stand of red geraniums in a yard, on the way to school. As the weather grew cooler, they're color grew more intense. When we passed them today, they were bent over from the weight of the snow on them!
When I picked Cass up at 3, they were standing tall and straight, vibrant as ever, and their foilage looked pristine.

So, here's my question...why can't you buy geraniums in the fall? Why are the store clogged with the same old mums and sappy looking pansies? I mean, I like a nice pansy, but they are overplanted and they always look so weak in those stores.
Some of the old-fashioned petunias do well in the cool/cold. Do you think you could buy those now?? Let me know if you find them in my area. !
Vintage seed catalogs are beautiful!!
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I found them while looking for info on old fashioned petunias!
Book fair tomorrow. ugh

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