Friday, August 04, 2006

Last night..

I made Tortillia Crusted Tilapia! Jeff and Cass loved it, but I ate too much candy before dinner.

Jaime's green beans! I tossed them with sesame oil and
spicy Chinese dressing.
I should not have eaten all that candy....

Today, I will wash the bedding, swiffer the floors, refill the prescriptions, transplant the trees, get bottled water for the big !party!, make dinner, and clean the baths.

I would rather be:
1. At a ballgame. Did you know: 1983 Dave Winfield, a N.Y. Yankee outfielder accidentally killed a seagull with an errant throw in a game against the Toronto Blue Jays. He was arrested, charged with cruelty to animals and had to post a $500 bond. The charges were dropped the following day.

2. President Bush starts a 9 day holiday in Texas today. photo: general

The house on President-elect Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas.
Associated Press Photo

Sheesh! Not even a pool??!!

3. Today is Chocolate Chip Day!!

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  1. Chocolate Chip Day?
    I love to eat them right out of the bag (milk chocolate, not semi).
    I should go buy some to celebrate.

    That chilled mango soup looks delish!
    You must be one darn good cook, because everything on this page is making me HUNGRY...tonight I am having a hot dog....yeah, it's just not going to cut it after seeing all this good stuff!


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