Monday, August 07, 2006

Great turn out for Cassidy's birthday! We had the cousins and the teammates and the friends. We rented out the commmunity pool and spent $60 on Little Ceasars pizza.
The guards were nice and the director was wonderful and let us stay longer! Cass got some wonderful presents and has already sent out her thank-yous!

The fantasy football season starts, soon, and I have been invited to join two leagues. I usually wait until Jeff starts his, but it doesn't look like he is going to....

Our basement is now waiting for me. I have to wash the walls and vaccum the entire thing. Over and over.
Then I have to prime. Then I have to paint. I am sick of painting, I just painted the whole house in May! I am not going to be cooking and painting and vaccuming. Just painting and vaccuming.
I have to decide on the paint, yet.
When I painted the house, I used American Traditions, from Lowes. A color the close to sesame seed. I don't like American Traditions. I might drive to Lowes in Rockford and get Behr. I like Behr. I have always used Behr and Glidden. You can buy Glidden from Sears.
I will not buy anything from Sears, ever again.

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  1. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Thank you for a wonderful b-day!!!!

    i <3 u!!!!!



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