Monday, July 31, 2006

Now I know...

why bloggers photograph so much. Without pics, it's not a's just someone's life.
It's the pics that make you hang around. I have to say, I am terrible at remembering my camera. I was reading a garden blog today where the author had her camera on the way to the mailbox...really? On the way to the mailbox? C'mon. I am never going to have my camera on the way to the mailbox. Sorry.

Today, I want to go to Trader Joe's in Batavia.
I would buy the BulKoogi, Carne Asada, Bruschetta, peanut sauce, some Boston lettuce, and some other things.
Do you have a Trader Joe's? I would love to hear about the good stuff I should get there!
I might bring my camera!!

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